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Self Wash

Who’s Your Dogs Favorite Groomer?



That’s right you. It doesn’t matter if you are a certified bather or a licensed groomer, your dog will be at most ease with you behind that water sprayer of doom.

Bath time isn’t for all dogs.  Some literally bask in it, some tolerate it, some loathe it!! To make matters worse of an already stressful time, adding a complete stranger touching all those places can be very invasive!

Wet Noses Dry Paws came up with a few tips to help you and your dog have a positive pampered time in the tub…

  1. Take Scruffy for a walk before hand. Try to get that pent up energy out before tub time!
  2. Bring them to our self-washing stations that are equipped with everything you need.
  3. Try using their favorite motivator, whether that be smearing peanut butter on the tub for them to work on while you scrub, their favorite squeaky toy to chew up while you brush, or their favorite treat to ensure them that this is the best place to be!
  4. Don’t give them a shock of cold water, but don’t necessarily heat it up to you liking. Lukewarm water is best.
  5. Remain positive and calm and don’t feel rushed.

We have staff on hand to show you the tricks of the trade and if your schedule doesn’t allow you to turn Scruffy into Fluffy we can give them a bath during their daycare visit or schedule you with our groomer that can go a little beyond our expertise.

self wash

Our Self Washing Stations will be open August 11th.

If you would like to book with our groomer, give us a call or better yet, you can book it online. Our groomer is here every Wednesday and can do everything from A to Z.

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