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Our Turf

As you will notice, we do not have any outdoor access for your dogs, however, we are passionate about keeping your dog’s healthy, as well as keeping your dog potty trained.

Some facilities allow dogs to potty wherever inside and have limited outdoor time. We have built a 200 sqft potty zone. With positive reinforcement, we will be using this as the designated area for your dog to relieve themselves throughout the day.

If your dog is in the smaller zone, they will use to “Porch Potty”. Same kind of idea as our larger one that we built. The urine drains through the turf into a catch basin that is cleaned and emptied daily.

We used a company called Progreen that has designed K9turf with dogs in mind. The urine filters through the turf  into our Shark Drain system and then evacuates the facility. The area is sprayed with a disinfectant to clean the surface after a dog pees or poops. The poop however, is picked up and placed in a dog bag by our “Watchdogs”.

indoor turf
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