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Senior pets love WNDP

Senior dogs get the Wet Noses Dry Paws special treatment every day (all right, you caught us, all the dogs do!). They love sunbathing, napping, cuddling and getting lots of kisses.

We know those darn puppies are cute, but we have a soft spot for the salt and pepper look of a wizened pup. They know things that those gangly fluff balls don’t. Like the best way to get treats and how to pretend you’re asleep so mom doesn’t kick you off the couch!

The oldies love our big windows, our cushioned benches and our great warm hugs.

That doesn’t mean we don’t make sure they’re up and moving, though. We want to help your pets maintain their joint function and mobility as they age. We also have great products in the retail section, like Super Snouts Joint Power made from green-lipped mussels.

Our watchdog staff is also here to alert you of any changes we notice in physical and mental health. We want your best friends to be happy and healthy as long as possible. You want that, too!

On their twelfth birthday, each dog is eligible for our Senior Pet Discount of 10 percent.

Here are a few of our favorite ol’ pals.

Fletcher (Apr. 5, 2004) the golden retriever that no puppy can resist. He is known as the napping spot for all puppies

Bruce Wayne (June 1, 2003) the feisty, mixed breed masked vigilante

Anna (Apr 28, 2004) a lovely chocolate lab

Ona (Mar. 30, 2004), a black Labrador retriever and her brother, Gabe (Sept. 30, 2006) a chocolate one

Bear (April 17, 2004) the Cardigan Welsh corgi who keeps us always on alert

Oscar (Jan 1, 2003) our eyeless Shih Tzu

Jake (Oct. 13, 2006) the ever so loving Australian shepherd

Zachary (June 30, 2006) a Chihuahua with a big heart

Roscoe (December 10, 2006) the motorcycling Yorkie

We hope to see your senior baby soon!

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