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October Contest

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I am sure you have all heard by now that we are doubling our space in November! We thought, “what a better way to start off the new space than to have a fun contest?” One of our lucky furry friends will get their portrait painted on one of our new walls downstairs! All you have to do is pick and choose things from the list below. They all have a predetermined point value. The winner will be chosen at the end of the month. Good luck!


2 points:
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Instagram
Follow us on Snapchat

5 points:
Post a picture on Facebook of your dog and tag us
Post a picture on Instagram of your dog and tag us
Post a picture of your favorite thing about WNDP

10 points:

12 points:
Dress your dog up in a costume at daycare for halloween

15 points:
Review us on Google
Review us on Facebook
Review us on Yelp

20 points:
Post a video of your dog after a day of daycare and tag us
Post a video of your dog’s reaction when you say 'want to go to daycare' and tag us
Post a video of your dogs best trick at tag us

25 points extra:
If you review us on all three

30 points:

35 points:
Attend the Pet Connection Halloween Party at WNDP on Friday the 13th

1-500 points:

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