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What is your 3 Strike Policy?

Our 3 strike policy is put in place to ensure the safety of the dogs, our members, and our staff. Strikes are given when a fight breaks loose.

Strike 1: This would be a consultation with yourself and our staff about the behavior

Strike 2: Consulting with our trainer to correct the behavior

Strike 3: Removal from WNDP.

What vaccines are required?

DHPP- Given at least 24 hours prior to visit; renewed every 1 to 3 years.

Rabies- Given at least 24 hours prior to visit; renewed every 1 to 3 years.

Bordetella- If this is the dogs first Bordetella vaccination, it must be given 2 weeks prior to visit. Afterthat, Bordetella must be renewed every year. If the vaccination is given at the time of the previous vaccination expiring, at least 24 hours prior to visit if the dog have previously been immunized.

We do not accept self-vaccinated records. They must be given by a veterinarian.

Will you give my dog their medication?

Of course! Bring in whatever is required and make sure all the medication is clearly labeled and dosage instructions are included.

Is there a specific type of collar my dogs should wear to daycare?

We recommend having a snap collar and identification tags. We do not provide collars. The reason these are recommended is that when dogs play bite sometimes one might get stuck around the collar and the snap collars will pop off to ensure the dogs safety of being chocked. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as we will not be liable for injury.

What makes us different?

We are creating a community environment, where your dog is like our own. To ensure that your dog is in the best hands, WNDP stands by a 1:10 ratio of handlers for large dogs and a ratio of 1:15 for smaller. We believe that to have the best environment for these dogs that we will limit our intake of daycare dogs to 50 a day with overflow of 5-10 depending on size of dogs needed. This is something we strongly believe in so we encourage you to pre-book your dog’s spot to guarantee space.

What is our staff like?

We will have trained and knowledgeable staff (“Watchdogs”) who will work one on one with you and your dog. Every “Watchdog” will be trained in Pet CPR & First Aid. They will be trained on how to read dogs body languages and how to determine appropriate play groups for each dog.

Can I check in on my dog?

We have a paw-some software system (Gingr) that always us to send you report cards directly to you via your preference (email or text) . Along with sending personal pictures throughout the day, we also have webcams where you can view your dog at any time during daycare hours. We will also be posting daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can click on our links above, but we highly recommend following us on there so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

How does my dog join the pack?

First and foremost, we need to schedule you a tour of our facility. Once you decide we are a good fit we will schedule a time to have you drop off your dog for a behavioral assessment and their first 1-4 hours of daycare. After they pass, every dog at daycare will receive a dog tag that can be attached to their collar. This tag will link to our system, allowing a fast and easy check in and out. We can get you booked and pick out the best punch card for your needs!

What does my dog do daily?

Your pups’ day will be filled with different enrichment activities. We encourage dogs to play with one another, but know that dogs love interaction with us humans as well. Our “Watchdogs” will be interacting throughout the day by giving cuddles and practicing basic tricks. Some other examples of enrichment activities we have are: a ball pit for smaller dogs, bubble machines for all, tennis balls, rope toys, and obstacle course equipment that can be pulled out throughout the day.

When does my dog need to be fixed?

We don’t require dogs to be fixed at any certain age. We will assess your dogs behavior to see if being intact effects them in this environment. If a situation comes up you may be required to fix your dog before returning. If your dog is a marker we just simply ask you to send a “Belly Band” with your dog and we will keep them here for you.

Do you have a mutiple pet discount?

We will charge you the normal fee for daycare for your first pet and every pet after that will receive a 10% discount.

Our park membership includes two dogs; for every dog after is an additional $5/month.

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