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We pre-screen all dogs that join our pack. Things to know for the dog park screening:

  • Owners may be present
  • Allow 30 minutes for complete assessment
  • This assessment allows access to our dog park only, if interested in both daycare/dog park please schedule the daycare behavioral assessment.
  • Before your visit, sign your pup up through Gingr and upload as much information that you can
  • If you have vaccine records on you, feel free to bring them in with you or upload them to your Gingr account

Behavioral Assessment Times

Sat: 12pm-4pm

Sun: 12pm-4pm

What to expect during assessment:

There will be a WNDP “watchdog” on hand during the assessment. We will place you and your dog in a zone without other dogs. We will then introduce ourselves to your dog and get acquainted. After they don’t show any aggression towards us, we will then bring in a dog that we have on hand. (Usually our own dog or family dogs)

  • Dog Tag
  • Access to our dog park
  • New dog friends
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