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Does Your Dog Yak?

Does your dog yak?



If your dog isn’t yakin’, then you’re slackin’!

Wet Noses Dry Paws, Tacoma’s first indoor dog park is introducing a small retail section full of all our favorite things! One of those things happens to be yak milk bones. Himalayan yak milk bones are made up of an ancient recipe used in the Himalayas and is basically a bone made up of hard cheese. They are completely digestible, contain no preservatives or binding agents, and are gluten free. For those dogs that are hard chewers this is the “bone” for you! It takes them hours to chew through these and when they get to the small bits that shouldn’t be chewed on you can microwave them and they expand into a larger puff like pieces, for your dogs chewing pleasure!

DSC_0689 (2)

Fun Facts

They were first ever sold in Bellingham, WA.

The yak milk is sourced from over 4,000 farmers in Nepal.

The bumpy texture on the bones is actually from the burlap sacks that they use to dry them out.

Beforehand, bricks were used to shape the bones but they are to heavy for women to carry. The company secured jobs for many of the local women by supplying them with car jacks to help them shape the bones.

Not only are these a great way to entertain your dog in a healthy way, but the company has great values and is right from our home state! We here at Wet Noses Dry Paws are huge fans and you can find your dog a yak milk bone here in our dog park retail section! We are officially opening our retail section August 1st. When you come in for your first purchase, mention that you read this and we will give you $1 off.

If you want to know more about this paw-some brand check out their website

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