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We pre-screen all dogs before joining our pack. To make sure the behavioral assessment goes as smoothly as possible we ask that you:

  • Allow 1 hour minimum
  • We ask the owners to not be present during this time, to get the full behavior of your pup
  • Please register your dog on Gingr and upload all their information beforehand

Behavioral Assessment Times:

Monday-Friday: 6am-4pm (Last assessment at 3pm)


What to expect during your dogs assessment:

The behavioral assessment is done by separating our dogs and placing them into our larger zone. We gradually introduce dogs one at a time until we feel comfortable enough that the new dog is not reactive. We introduce dogs of opposite sex first and continue with adding dogs that are larger, smaller, higher energy, puppies, elderly, etc. Once the dogs seems comfortable we open the larger zone and let them run around until you pick them up. If it doesn’t seem to be going well we will call you in case you want to pick them up earlier or we will keep them separated until you pick them up.

  • Dog Tag
  • First day of daycare
  • Access to both our dog park and daycare
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