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Mat Matters

Combat the Mat

Mats, let us talk about them.

Almost everyone with a dog that frequently visits the groomer has had the experience of dropping off their curly, fluffy, or woolly dog and returning to find more of a freshly shaven sheep. The culprit of that sad outcome is usually a “matted mess” the groomer had to tackle.

Don’t be fooled by those luscious curls. They need to be brushed out weekly.

Mats are commonly found anywhere there is friction, usually behind the collar, ears, armpits, rear end, and lower legs.¬†Prevention is key when wanting to keep your dog’s coat long. By brushing on a regular basis, you are breaking up the dead hair.

Not only do regular brushes help you keep the coat you want, but did you know, that a severe mat actually cuts the blood flow off in that area and dogs have been known to lose a tail or ear from a severe mat.

Did you know that getting rid of mats is more complicated than just cutting them out? They are known to have skin sucked up into the middle of the mat, making it dangerous to just cut it out. When mat’s get that bad it is best to leave up to the groomer.

Some people believe that only poodles, doodles, and dogs that require monthly grooming are the only dogs at risk. However, we have seen shepherds, aussies, huskies, and collies with them as well.

We know that brushing can be a timely task, and we too love a curly, fluffy, and woolly dog.  That is why we offer a $10 brush-out here at WNDP. Your dog will thank you!

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