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5 Best Boarding Perks at WNDP

Wet Noses Dry Paws is an indoor dog park with dog daycare during the week. We are now offering boarding to our WNDP pack! We believe in making your dogs over night stay the smoothest, most comfortable, and enriching experience while you are away. Easing your mind as well as theirs!

5 Perks of Boarding at WNDP

  1. They get to SLEEP WHEREVER they want! No isolating suites. No kennels (unless that is what they prefer). They can sleep in our bed, on dog beds, on their own dog bed, or straight on the floor.
  2. They get a ENTIRE DAY OF PLAY. We blend our boarding dogs with our daycare dogs. This allows for one tired pup at the end of the day which helps them sleep better throughout the night.
  3. You can watch them on the WEBCAMS during the day. Sometimes when you go on vacation you just want to be able to check in on your dog and see that they are doing okay. We totally know how that feels so when you are boarding with us, we will hook you up with webcam access.
  4. Already a daycare member? You can USE YOUR DAYCARE PACKAGES when boarding and we will just charge you $15/night additionally.
  5. Our STAFF IS ON HAND 24/7 during their stay. We do not leave them unattended in the facility ever. We are here to provide belly rubs, medical help, snuggles, and whatever else they may need while you are away.

Whether you are going out of town or getting away for the night, you can be rest assured that your pup is living it up! You can check in anytime using our webcam, shooting us a text, or giving us a call! Liking us on Facebook or following us on Instagram will keep you in the loop on what they are doing during their day.

Check out our boarding page for more information:  We only take up to 10 dogs per night, so booking ahead during the busy holidays is a must!

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