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5 Reasons to Choose an Indoor Dog Park

Wet Noses Dry Paws is the first Indoor Dog Park in Tacoma. Indoor dog parks are becoming a new must have for dog owners here in the Northwest. Here are our 5 reasons why your dog should play indoors.


1. Climate Control

Here in the state of Washington, a rainy forecast is nothing out of the ordinary. It seems to be that when dogs grow up here there are two types of dogs: dogs that don’t mind the rain and dogs that do; dogs that take forever to dry and dogs that don’t. However, even if your dog doesn’t mind the rain it doesn’t mean that you have the time to bathe that muddy dog after every rainy outing either. Climate control isn’t just for rainy days; it also helps during the summer months. For dogs with thick coats or dogs with short snouts, hotter days can be tough on them. Often times you find yourself still venturing out to the dog park during the early cooler mornings or late cooler evenings. With an indoor dog park, the climate is controlled to always suit you and your dog’s needs!

2. Required Vaccinations

Anyone who has been to a public outdoor dog park will have seen the sign that reads: Dogs must be current on vaccinations before entering the park. Although, this sometimes may not be the case. You may not think this is a huge deal, but we can assure you it is. Parvo is a huge risk when bringing dogs in public places where there are other dogs. Rabies, of course, is rare, but a serious risk as well. At our indoor dog park, we require updated vaccinations and will send out reminders when you are reaching your due date.


water bowl

3. Fresh Water Access:

There is usually a public watering hole at outdoor dog parks. Everyone has heard people say “Don’t let your dog share water with other dogs”, try telling that to your thirsty canine companion. It’s a pain and usually unsuccessful to restrict your dog from water that is in sight. If your dog is anything like mine, it will just find the nearest mud puddle to gulp out of. At our indoor dog park, we have two PetSafe water stations in each zone. These are awesome to use when you have more than one dog drinking. Rather than standing water, the tank releases water automatically as a dog drinks. It doesn’t fully eliminate cross water but it sure gets pretty close. It also has a removable stainless steel bowl that can be washed in the dishwasher to eliminate any bacteria present.

4. Cleanliness

We all know a little dirt doesn’t hurt, but at an indoor dog park, your dog will leave smelling the same as they came. Our facility is cleaned throughout the day and every night after closing. Accidents are cleaned right away and we have a designated area for your dogs to relieve themselves. When dogs use the turf zone their pee drains out of the facility right away.


5. Pre-Screened Dogs

Let’s be honest, going to a public outdoor dog park is pretty much a melting pot of all sorts of people and dogs. You never know what you are going to get. It requires a lot of personal responsibility not only on yourself and your dog but also you placing trust in complete strangers to use their best judgement on if their dog is a good fit for a dog park. We pre-screen all our dogs. Although this doesn’t guarantee that every dog will get along, it weeds out the dogs that definitely need more socialization and training. It gives you the peace of mind that every dog has gone through the same test and passed! However, I think one of the nicest things that come with pre-screened dogs is the chance to avoid the ever so awkward confrontation that you might have to have at an outdoor dog park. Not only will we deal with the conflict but we also have a 3-Strike Policy set in place for those rare circumstances that a dog tricked us in our pre-screen.



Hope to see you and your dog here at Wet Noses Dry Paws, Tacoma’s first indoor dog park!

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