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4 Reasons Daycares Shouldn’t Take Pit bulls

Wet Noses Dry Paws is the first indoor dog park/dog daycare in Tacoma. We are one of the few daycare’s in the area that accept pit bull breeds. We accept all breeds of every shape and size!

Pit Smiles

Reason #1

All they do is smile!

You give them a treat…they smile. You throw them a ball..they smile. They meet new dogs…they smile. You simply look at them…they smile. I don’t know about you guys but all that smiling is just way to aggressive for our taste!

Rocco & Primo

Reason #2

They are trainable.

If there is anything worse to have at daycare, it’s a dog that wants to learn. I mean testing their abilities and exercising their mind shouldn’t be this easy.

pit love

Reason #3

They are sweet to each other.

This is just appalling, pit bulls are not supposed to like other pit bulls. When they get together they have the same play style and tend to get along best. Sometimes they even kiss each other.


Reason #4

They are good with puppies.

They just let puppies kiss them all over their faces. Pit bull’s have so much energy that they even have enough energy to keep up with puppies.

All in all, I hope everyone got the point of this post. These are just 4 reasons why we accept pit bulls and hope it shows pit bulls pose no bigger threat than every other dog that we have here at daycare. Here at Wet Noses Dry Paws, we believe in having no breed restrictions. We believe in our behavioral assessment and seeing how well dogs  mesh with our pack! If interested in joining our pack, give us a call to set up your dogs behavioral assessment.

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