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10 Reasons to Send Your Dog to WNDP

10 Reasons to Send Your Dog to WNDP

1.Our Dog to Human Ratio

Marc & Panko

We have an unbeatable “Watchdogs” (also known as humans) to dog ratio. This is to ensure that you are getting your bark for your buck! It allows each dog to get the attention they desire and all while maintaining their safety.

2. Pet CPR & First Aid

The cool thing about us is that our Top Dog is a certified pet tech CPR & First Aid instructor and she trains each and every staff member before their first day so that you can rest assure your pups are in safe hands.

3. Potty Zones


We have installed indoor turf that filters urine out of the facility immediately. It also allows for dogs to have a designated area that is reinforced with lots of positive reinforcement! This helps with the overall cleanliness of the facility. It is easily grasped by dogs that are already potty trained but is especially helpful for those puppies that are still trying to get the hang of it. Don’t worry, we even have a Porch Potty for those smaller dogs in the small dog zone!

4. Our Cap

We have a cap at our daycare. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Our mission isn’t to get as many dogs as we can a day; it is how much wag we can put into a dog! In order to do this, we cap at 50 dogs a day. With our ratio, this ensures that every dog receives their fair share of attention and has more than enough space! It is suggested that every dog has between 70-100 sqft for a dog daycare, with this cap each dog has more than that in our 6,000 sqft facility!

5. Easy Check-In

dog tag

No one likes to get out of their car in the morning on their way to work when it is raining, and we don’t blame you! We have come up with a fast and easy solution to this here at WNDP. Each daycare dog gets their own scan-able dog tag that can attach to their collar and is linked up to our system. We can meet you at your car door in the morning and grab your pup. It saves you the hassle of parking and getting out in the rain, but still allows us to get what we need to check them in.

6. Online Booking

We have this paw-some software, Gingr! It has so many great features for you, like online booking! No more having to call ahead to secure that your dog has a place to play. Just log in to your Gingr account and reserve your day! You can even reserve reoccurring days!

7. Completely Indoors


We are completely indoors! We like to stand by our name “Wet Noses DRY PAWS”. We will never send you home with a wet or muddy dog. There is literally nowhere better for beating the weather! We have a heater for the winter and we can keep it cool with fans in the summer.

8. Located next to an animal hospital

As we all know sometimes dogs can get themselves into trouble and may end up with an injury. Although we are all trained to deal with hands on dog first aid and CPR, we are neighbors with the Metropolitan Animal Hospital. If a situation presented itself it is nice to know that we are literally seconds away to ensure that your dog is well taken care of. We have set up an understanding with our neighbors and they have ensured they will be able to take care of any emergency we may be dealt with.

9.The Nest

We have installed the nest camera so you can check in on your furry child directly from your phone! Aside from the webcam at your leisure, we can send you pictures and videos via email or text through our Gingr App!

10.We love your dog

dog pile with employees

We haven’t even met your dog yet, and I am telling you that they are loved. No matter the size, the shape of their ears, the amount of fur they leave on our clothes, the sloppiest wettest kisses they leave on our faces, they are loved.

Even if you find that Wet Noses Dry Paws isn’t for you, we hope that this list of 10 reasons has you thinking about what sort of expectations and questions you should ask before choosing a dog daycare!

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